Appvalley: If you are interrested in how to download App valley for iOS and Android  to download iOS apps for iPad and iPhone without jailbreaking you will want to read this. This will detail how to install Appvalley on Android to download Android apps that are not available in the Google play store 

Appvalley APK for Android can be downloaded from Do not stress yourself, you will learn to download Appvalley APK for Android and Appvalley iOS here.

Do not forget that Appvalley is free and it doesn’t required you to register a personal account. However, if you have an app you want to download that have been revoked from the free Appvalley app, you need to upgrade to Appvalley vip.

AppValley App

Download Appvalley Download

To download and install Appvalley APK on your Android phone go to your phone settngs >> security >> unknown sources >> enabled. Now, go to or to download Appvalley APK ot download from the link below.

Appvalley APK

Download Appvalley iOS

There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad to install Appvalley iOS on your iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, and lower version iOS. However, before you start to use the Appvalley iOS from appvalley.mobileconfig note that you must add Appvalley as a trusted app on your iPhone/iPad.

Appvalley iOS Download

Add App Valley as a Trusted App on iPhone/iPad

You need to trust the App valley app on your iPhone/iPad following the procedures below.

  1. Go to your iPhone/iPad settings
  2. Click on general
  3. Tap on profile & device management
  4. Clicl on App valley developers’ name
  5. Tap on trust
  6. Trust again 
  7. Confirm

Now, the App valley app will be added as a trusted app on your iPhone/iPad and you can start to use the app to download and install 3rd parties and premium apps including tweaked apps for free.

PC Download

There is no official Appvalley.exe download for Windows and Mac computer to download premium apps for your PC. However, a quick walkaround using an emulator allows you to download and install Appvalley on PC.

See the walkaround in the post below.

Appvalley Mac Download | Appvalley Windows Download

How to use Appvalley

After you have installed Appvalley on your Android or iOS 11 or iOS 12 or iOS 13 or Windows or Mac, here is how to use the app downloader.

1. Open Appvalley on your device by clicking on the app icon
2. Search for the app you want to download by typing the name of the app or browse through the app favorite section
3. Click on the app to download
4. Click on get in from of the app
5. Download the app and install it

Is Appvalley Vip Safe?

Yes! Appvalley is 100% safe. It is a store alternative to the Google Play store and App store for Apple users to search and download apps. You are allowed to download both free and paid app using the Appvalley app without paying a dine.

You cannot contract a virus or trojan using the app. The app is subjected to a constant update so that all bugs will be fixed.

Note: You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone and root your Android to download Appvalley APK and iOS.There is no commitment to the app. You can delete it if you don’t want to use it again.

And you can re-install it after you changed your mind to start using the app once again.


    1. Open the Appvalley app, search for Minecraft, click on the get button and follow the instruction on your device screen to download and install it. You can also use similar approach to download apps and games of your choice

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