Appvalley not Working on iPhone/iPad

At one point or the other you will encounter Appvalley not working on Android or iOS due to excess caches you left uncleared.This simple error can stop you from downloading apps from the website and the official app not working on your phone.

Whether you keep seeing Unfortunately, the app has stopped working on Android or iOS, you can always fix it.

To keep downloading apps from Appvalley iOS and Appvalley Android, you have to find a solution to fix the Appvalley not working error whenever you try to launch the app on Android or iOS.

A few weeks ago, the Appvalley app stopped working and I was searching for how to fix it to make it work again since the app is currently the latest version, it then means that it’s not that the app is outdated.

If you also experiencing the Appvalley not working when you have the latest version follow the procedures below to fix.

The approach to fix it on Android is different from the approach to fix it on iOS. However, just scroll down to your smartphone OS and choose a fix.

Appvalley not Working on Android

Here is how to fix Appvalley working error on Android smartphone with at least Android 4.0. These procedures also works on Android Oreo and the Android Pie.

1. Go to your Android phone settings
2. Tap on apps or applications
3. Find Appvalley in the list of apps and click on it
4. Tap on storage
5. Tap on clear caches
Now, restart the app and it should be working fine now. For Android pghone, this is the best solution you can find if you are running the latest app.

Appvalley not Working on iOS

For iOS devices, it could be that you didn’t grant the app the necessary permission to function on your iOS 12 or iOS 13 when you finished installing the app.

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on the General
3. Tap on Apps Profiles and management
4. Select AppValley from the list of apps
5. Tap on “Trust the App”.
Now, you can restart the app you will see that it’s now working fine.

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