How to Delete Appvalley App

There is no committment to using Appvalley Android or Appvalley iOS. You are free to delete the app at anytime when you feel you don’t want to use the app again or when you feel Appvalley isn’t safe.

Note that using Appvalley is safe and it doesn’t void your iPhone, iPod, and iPad warranty. So, in this guide, I will put you through how to delete Appvalley iOS app in a 2 different ways.

How to Delete AppValley?

There are four different ways to have AppValley deleted on your iPhone. All you need to do is choose one of methods and fix it.

Method 1

In this approach you will learn how to delete AppValley app via the app settings on your iPhone.
1. Go to your iPhone settings
2. Tap on the general option
3. Tap on profile & managements
4. Tap on AppValley profile on your phone
5. Tap remove profile

AppValley will be removed from your phone including the app icon on your home screen.

Method 2

If you don’t want to go through the phone settings you can actually remove the app from your phone homescreen.

1. Long press the AppValley app icon on your homescreen
2. The app will show a delete icon at the top of it like a wiggle
3. Tap on the delete icon
4. Click on the delete from the popup that says “Delete AppValley”

These are cheapest approach to delete AppValley on your iOS device and clear caches afterward to remove all the remains.

However, another approach to delete the app is restoring the app by restoring your backup via your iTunes account. This might not only affect the app, as restoring backup will override your phone settings and remove AppValley if not part of your latest backup file.

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