Appvalley is both free and paid app. The paid version is called Appvalley VIP. There is no commitment to use the VIP version though but there are some benefit for using Appvalley VIP over using the Appvalley free.

You can also refer to the Appvalley VIP and Appvalley pro as you can see in some of its alternatives like vShare, TutuApp, etc.

When you download Appvalley you can use it for free on Android and iOS. You can even install it on your Windows and Mac computer. However, this is only the free version with enough limitation you’d want to know.

However, the paid version unlock tons of features that the free version do not merit. The VIP Appvalley gives you the privilege to request for apps that are not available on the platform and also request for apps whose license have been revoked which Appvalley free cannot do.

You also have the privilege to chat with the app admin and developers directly on Twitter via a DM. The free version doesn’t have this privilege.

However, how do you subscribe to this VIP? It’s very simple. We’ll walk you through how to upgrade to VIP from free version.

What is Appvalley VIP?

It’s a paid version that allows users to request for apps that are not available on the platofmr or apps whose license have been revoked for a one-time fee of $19.99 USD.

You can download the free version first before you upgrade to the VIP. You can upgrade directly from within the free app or upgrade direct from site with PayPal as your payment method.

Download Apvalley VIP

Here in this download you need to provide PayPal that Appvalley will provide instruction to activate your Appvalley account to. You can use PayPal. But at the point of payment you can change your payment method ot credit/debit card.

1. Open your Safari browser and go to and click on “get VIP”
2. You will be redirected to PayPal page. Click on Pay for AppValley VIP
3. Fill in your PayPal information and click on Pay Now
4. Appvalley will send you instructions on how to activate your premium Appvalley membership

Note: If you already pay skip step 2 and click on I already page or visit on safari browser.

Note: You must have a PayPal to achieve this. Otherwise, the payment method will restrict your from upgrading from Appvalley free to Appvalley VIP except you want to make use of your credit/debit card as an alternative method to make payment for Appvallley upgrade.